Workshop services

Basic Service £25.00


 Bike safety inspection  

Nuts and bolts checked for tension 

Parts inspected for wear and damage  

Wheels checked for true  

Minor Wheel true if necessary up to 5 mins 

Tyres checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure 

Headset checked for  play adjusted  Chain wear checked  

Chain Lubricated  

Brakes: check cables align if necessary 

Gears adjusted 

Lubricate brake and gear cables

Regular Service £36.00



As the Basic Service plus :

Cable fitting included  

Brake pad fitting included  

Wheel hub play adjusted  

Drive chain degreased  

Shifting mechanisms degreased 

Bike frame wiped down

E Bike Software Update and Diagnostic Report £35


Software updates bring even more eBike fun
If you want to keep your eBike and on-board computer up-to-date at all times you should perform regular software updates. This is the only way to make use of the continuously enhanced smart functions, up-to-date maps and new and improved features. As your specialist dealer we will be pleased to advise you in relation to the software update. Bring your eBike up to date and use the full range of functions for the best eBiking experience.